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The Three Musketeers


Welcome back! Let’s continue our journey to Mars by bringing the 3 Musketeers along with us! Blessing the world in 1932 were the 3 Musketeers!

Not the famous trio, but the rich chocolate bar! Coming in 3 magnificent flavours; coincidence? I think not! Flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. This bar consists of fluffy whipped chocolate surrounded by a chocolate encasing. Yet another one of Mars’ light and airy creations.

One bite and you might just float away! Moving on to an M-Azing chocolate bar! The M-Azing bar came to us in 2004 with a few different flavours. Unfortunately the M-Azing did not last long and was discontinued.

FORTUNATELY in 2013 Mars Inc reintroduced with chocolate bar with a new name the M&M’s Chocolate bar. This new treat contains mini M&M’s in a milk chocolate coating. A fun candy snack now trapped in a chunk of chocolate for more chocolatey goodness!

Now I want you to think of a dove. A perfect piece of nature, this bird is beautiful, delicate and pure. Dove chocolate will live up to it’s name. Though in some parts of the world pricing can vary and it is called a Galaxy bar, but that’s probably because it is out of this world!

Dove was invented in 1956 in a sweet shop owned by a man named Leo Stefanos. Dove has an amazing range of chocolate bars and many different flavours; milk chocolate, caramel, fruit and nut varieties, truffle and chocolate pieces with a folded milk chocolate center just to name a few!

If you have not had a craving for a chocolate bar while reading this then maybe you need to talk to someone who can help you with your unfortunate issue. Everyone has the right to indulge and give into their craving once in a while. On that note I will leave you with a famous “Promises” quote by Dove. Temptation is fun…giving in is even better.

Mars Inc: Genius Chocolate


Picture this. You are finishing up at the grocery store. You are standing in the checkout line. You look to your left and see an entire rack filled with delicious scrumptious candy bars waiting for your purchase! Alas! You have bought one to enjoy ad indulge in.

You more than likely have Mars Incorporated to thank for the majority of the chocolate bars you get to choose from! Let’s start with the obvious chocolate bar, Mars bar. Invented in 1932 by Forrest Mars, this sweet treat features nougat, soft caramel, milk chocolate and almonds.

The Mars bar is a light and fluffy but never regrettable first pick when it comes to savoury chocolate bars. Looking for a more gooey yet crunchy treat? Look no further!

In 1967 Mars Inc introduced Twix. With a crunchy biscuit base and a layer of dreamy caramel resting on top. All tucked in tight with a milk chocolate coating. Twix has a left and right bar to enjoy. They have an ingenious marketing method,by feuding the right bar and the left bar of the Twix. Which side do you prefer? Personally I bite them both at the same time because I could never choose one over the other!

How do you feel about peanuts? Oh you love them do you? Perfect, as there is a Snickers for that! Nougat, caramel, chocolate and of course peanuts! Snickers is popular worldwide with over 30 variations to enjoy! It has been known to cure being crank. Eat a snickers when you are feeling this way and you will be back to your wonderful self!

We have time to talk about one more chocolate bar from Mars inc today. How about escaping to a beautiful tropical island, palm trees surround you as you take a bite of your Bounty bar!

Milk or dark chocolate ¬†stuffed with a creamy coconut filling. This rich bar was introduced in 1951. Different to most chocolate bars you will find because of it’s coconut filling. Giving the world an option away from nougat and peanuts, though I am not complaining! The Bounty bar is definitely a new and refreshing way to enjoy a sweet chocolatey treat!

We will continue our journey to Mars in my next post until then indulge yourself! You’ve deserved it!

Sweetie Bags

Skittles, skittles, and more skittles!
Have you ever tasted the rainbow? Well if you haven’t then you are missing out! From original and tropical to wild berry their flavours are fruity and delicious.
They even have sour skittles if you are into making a silly face. Let’s talk about the flavours; in the original pack of skittle you get lemon, lime, orange, grape and strawberry. Very classic flavours!
Then Wrigley, the makers of skittles introduced their tropical flavours. In that pack you would find flavours such strawberry star fruit, pineapple passion fruit, kiwi lime, mango tangeto and banana berry!
Wrigley began to get quite creative with their combinations and it paid off! Moving onto a berry delicious new flavour pack Wrigley introduced their wild berry selection! This pack contains berry punch, melon berry, wild cherry, raspberry and strawberry.
Keeping it simple again when introducing sour skittles. Sour skittles came out in the classic flavours and it did change they way skittles tasted in a good way and the way of your reaction when eating them! Since these 4 unique packs have come out the Wrigley, the makers of skittles, have branched out worldwide and have catered to many different countries.
Having very different options around the world. Let me name a few so you can one day be a skittles expert!
Here we go!
Crazy Cores
Skittles Confused
Crazy Sours
Smoothie Mix
Ice Cream Treats
Skittles Unlimited
Double Sour
Extreme Fruit Gum
And so many more flavours to enjoy! Go on a hunt and see how many unique packs you can find!
¬†Skittles will forever and always be a delicious and fun candy on the go! Never be afraid to share them but I wouldn’t blame you if you kept them all to yourself! What flavour is your favourite? Too many to choose from but if I had to choose it would definitely be strawberry! A classic flavour and a classic red colour. Taste the Rainbow. Enjoy the Rainbow.